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The month of December is one of the busiest in Mexico! Beginning with the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12 and ending with the Epiphany!

The day of Guadalupe is a very important holiday in which millions of pilgrims travel to the Basilica in Mexico City. This area becomes a stage for celebrating the sacrifices and miracles of life.

The Posadas reenact the journey to Bethlehem of Joseph and Mary. People hold candles and go door to door seeking shelter for their child Jesus Christ, the son of God. Colorful piñatas, full of sweets and fruit can be seen everywhere!

The New Year is also very important in Mexico where they say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year with big parties. Don't miss the celebrations in the small town plazas or beach resorts! 

Every year thousands of people drive to Mexico. Many travel for to visit friends and family others just to relax in the warm beaches.

If you are driving to Mexico don't forget to protect your family and vehicle with a Mexican Auto Insurance policy.

Welcome to provides useful information about Mexico and all that it has to offer you and your travel companions when Visiting Mexico.

Mexico is a magical place with enchanting colonial cities, amazing archaeological sites and of course, breathtaking beaches!

This is a country with a rich and varied gastronomy, delicate and colorful crafts and millenary history of which the Mexican people are immensely proud of.   Come and visit Mexico!

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